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Are you looking for a budget friendly way to get strong at home? Check-out the weekly product reviews and workouts to better utilise your Kmart equipment. No more dust collectors in the corner of the room!
If you're seeking quick and effective workout breaks, I've got a special gift just for you. Get ready to experience the power of bite-sized fitness sessions that fit seamlessly into your busy life. Say hello to energizing workouts in compact doses, helping you stay active and refreshed throughout the day. It's time to unwrap the gift of invigorating exercise in manageable portions.

These workouts are for you, if you:

  • Don’t have time for long workouts
  • Want to fit things into the windows of opportunity in your day
  • Want to kick start a new health regime
  • Want to fit into more movement into your sedentary lifestyle
  • Want to build muscle and/or lose body fat
  • Want to break free from yo-yo dieting
  • Want to feel good about the way you look after your body
  • Want to train in your own time

Core Workouts

Get ready to work that mid-section

Mini Band Workouts

Your travel workout solution

Dumbbell Workouts

Your full strength solution

Multifunctional Weight Workouts

Kmart Equipment Debunked

Safe Mum Pelvic Floor Workouts

Coming Soon

Prehab Workouts

Coming Soon

Stretching & Yoga

Coming Soon

Body Weight Workouts

Coming Soon

Resistance Band Workouts

Coming Soon

Handy Tips:

Use these workouts to squeeze more exercise into your day at work. Set yourself a little 10 minute break where you get up off your chair and fit yourself the gift of movement.

Have your workout space set up and ready to go. Remove the obstacles. Eg. If you are doing core, have your mat ready to go so you can press play and get started

String multiple workouts together for a full 30min session. Eg. Start with a miniband workout to warm up, head into a dumbbell workout for greater resistance, and finish off with a core workout. 🙂

Use the 10 min workouts to complete The Active 10 challenge that happens 4 times a year. The challenge is a great way to instill a great daily movement practice into your life. Read more about the challenge here.

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