Transform your fitness journey with our online 1:1 personal strength and conditioning training. Receive personalised attention, convenient workouts, flexible scheduling, unwavering support, and a results-driven approach. Achieve your fitness goals and unlock your full potential today!

Does this sound like you?

I want to:

  • Build muscle and/or lose body fat
  • Break free from yo-yo dieting
  • Feel good about the way I look after my body
  • Achieve the health goals that have been lingering on my list for far too long
  • Work with a coach invested in helping me achieve my goals
  • Learn effective strategies to achieve my body goals
  • Establish long lasting habits

Do you prefer:

  • Training in your own time
  • Having 1:1 personal attention
  • A full holistic approach to help you target things like sleep, hydration, nutrition, fitness and strength
  • A real person to motivate you through the tough moments


(yes, you get all of the below in the diamond membership)

Personalised Program:

  • Recommendations for strength, sleep, hydration, exercise
  • Custom resistance training plan tailored to your goals
  • Training and Program adjustments as needed
  • Access to the PT Minder App to track your progress
  • Unlimited form feedback
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Accountability and your  very own CHEERLEADER!


  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Meal Planning Guidance
  • Nutrition Education
  • Full Nutrition Guide
  • Ongoing Plan Adjustments
  • Progress Monitoring & Tracking

@Home Support:

  • Weekly Progress Reviews

  • Progress tracking (photos, measurements, weight etc.)

  • Unlimited video feedback

  • Goal setting

  • Daily text access

  • Answers to any of your questions or concerns

Weekly Check-In:

  • Weekly check-in
  • Personal feedback
  • Adjustment to program if needed
  • Ability to request changes
  • Seek assistance for coming weeks events if needed


$ 35.00

Per Week
  • Full Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Full Home Support
  • Monthly Progress Reviews
  • Basic Nutrition Guidance
  • Basic Wellness Guidance
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DiamondRecommended for the determined & goal-oriented

$ $55

Per Week
  • Full Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Full Home Support
  • Weekly Progress Reviews
  • Full Nutrition Guidance
  • Full Wellness Guidance
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Prefer Something you can DIY?

Ideal for those wanting flexible, on-the-go workouts, our app offers a diverse workout library, user-friendly experience, and caters to all wellness aspects, perfect for varied fitness levels and preferences.

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Prefer following a video class?

Ideal for mid-life women, our program offers a holistic approach to wellness, with tailored live streams and VOD sessions, focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a supportive community.

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