What is The Joy Technique?

Discover the perfect workout for peri-menopausal women: an all-encompassing class that fuses strength training, fitness exercises, yoga, and mindfulness techniques. Tailored for the hectic schedules of modern life, this efficient 35-minute session is your one-stop solution to balance, strength, and serenity.

How does it work?

Step onto your mat for a dynamic workout where each custom-created music track targets a specific fitness element, be it strength, cardio, or yoga. Transition smoothly into a brief meditation of your choice, enhancing both body strength and mental calmness. All you need are dumbbells, a yoga block, and just enough space for your mat.

Something for everyone..

Looking for something tailored to your specific needs? Coming soon… Sessions like Pure Yin Yoga for deep relaxation or Pure Strength for intense muscle building. Perfect for honing in on your unique fitness goals.

Equipment Needed: For most of the sessions you will use dumbbells. Occasionally we will use a couple of yoga blocks and a mini band. You can find recommendations here:

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