I guide peri-menopausal women (like you) to embrace their life stage and redefine wellness, effortlessly;

so that you can powerfully enhance your overall quality of life to achieve physical strength and mental balance.

Feeling overwhelmed and busy during your peri-menopausal journey?
The Joy Technique is the solution to all of your health needs.


The Joy Technique

The ultimate exercise class for peri-menopausal women. Blend strength, fitness, yoga, and mindfulness, pelvic floor work and your daily affirmation into one efficient session. Designed for busy lives, it’s your all-in-one solution, done in about 35 minutes

On Demand Library

For most sessions you will use dumbbells. Occasionally we will use a couple of yoga blocks and a mini band.

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Besides The Joy Technique in the Digital Studio, discover the other 5 ways we can collaborate. Explore them below.

Digital Studio

Are you a mid-life woman? Our program offers a holistic approach to wellness, with tailored Video on Demand sessions, focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a supportive community.

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APP Workouts

Do you need flexible, on-the-go workouts? Our app offers a diverse workout library, user-friendly experience, and caters to all wellness aspects, perfect for varied fitness levels and preferences.

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Online Coaching

Do you need personalised one-on-one expert trainer attention? We focus on assisting with specific goals, lifestyle, and a holistic approach including wellness and lifestyle coaching.

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Workout with Kmart

Are you busy, budget-conscious, and would love video guidance? We offer quick 10-minute home workout videos, so your Kmart equipment doesn’t become a dust collector.

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Support Squad

Have you been craving a supportive community for accountability to help you reach your goals? We foster motivation and accountability on your wellness journey.

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In Person Meet-Up’s

Combining fitness with social connection, we meet up monthly for a mini-hike and post-walk breakfast gathering to give you that human-being fix! (there is no substitute for human connection. Right?)

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In the time I’ve been training with The Active Being I’ve enjoyed benefits that extend far beyond the physical improvements from the (efficiently timed and thoughtfully designed) training itself. I’ve found a trainer who is a generous and real human who understands and adapts to the needs and goals of her client demographic, both broadly and individually. I’ve also met other incredible women from the community, shared hilarious light hearted banter, and connected deeply on some of the real stuff. I’ve found a space that feels safe, comfortable and made for someone like me. I love that I walk away from each session having enjoyed movement, challenge, genuine connection and a bucket of laughs. It fills my cup.

Rhiannon HumphriesClient

Kelly has built a beautiful and safe fitness community of supportive women and I find myself looking forward to every session. We laugh and share stories in her well-equipped gym, where Kelly invests her time setting up novel routines that inspire and challenge. I've been very impressed with Kelly's balance of warmth and professionalism - her coaching is grounded in research and she loves a good women's circle too (I can't wait!).

Andrea TideyClient

Kelly helped me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and fun. My fitness has increased and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises, lift heavier weights. I feel more confident in myself. I now look forward to my workouts. Kelly you are an incredible person always helping and making fitness fun and getting results, Thankyou

Pushpa RabadiaClient

I have been training with Kelly for 9 months now and her sessions have become one of the highlights of my week. She is passionate about her clients health and wellbeing and provides a welcoming and friendly environment. Kelly is sympathetic to my 40+ aches and pains but ensures that I get the most out of every session. I highly recommend The Active Being and feel so blessed to have found someone who focuses on being so body positive.

Trudie EarlyClient

I like about Kelly from The Active Being because she knows how to motivate our group of women. She makes each of our training sessions challenging but at the same time rewarding. I have no hesitation recommending her as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Rebeka ZClient

Love love LOVE training with Kelly. She gets the 40+ ladiez and her training is smart, effective and FUN. I’ve always worked out solo (and when I say worked out …. I walked), but group training with Kelly and ‘like-minded’ ladies has been FANTASTIC! It makes me ‘show up’ and I complete training I’d never ever do on my own.

Alison GaripoliClient

I HIGHLY recommend Kelly at The Active Being!!! Working towards changing my mindset and creating long term habits has been a big part of my PT journey with Kelly as exercise has never been something I've liked to do. Kelly has understood what I wanted to achieve and has pushed me towards those goals in a gentle, encouraging but assertive way.

Kate BoobyClient

Kelly has really helped me commit to looking after myself and establish good routines. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who’s apprehensive about starting their belated fitness journey. You’ll be challenged, but also surprised at how enjoyable it can be!

Rachel DaltonClient

Kelly is a great PT. She works within my body injury limitations and gently pushes when she knows I can do more. She's fun and friendly and the sessions are great. 10/10 recommend! 😀

Madonna DunnClient

Want a taste test of what I do?

By crafting weekly home workout routines featuring equipment from Kmart, I hope that you can maximise the potential of your purchases and keep fit right in your living room. Say farewell to neglected weights gathering dust in the cupboard!

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Explore comparisons to find the product that perfectly fits your needs.

Weekly Workouts

Get a fresh workout weekly to stay motivated and enjoy diverse routines!

Exercise Instructions

I demystify each exercise, explaining the how's and why's to optimise your routine.

Free Workout Library

Packed with numerous workouts for solo sessions or combined routines.

Hi! I'm Kelly, and this is my little mate Henry

From childhood aerobics classes with my mum to a women's health coach, fitness has always been my jam. I've navigated through body image struggles and eating challenges, emerging as a body positivity champion dedicated to helping women especially during their dynamic years. My method? Merging spirited workouts with restorative yoga, all about balance and joy in movement. Alongside me in this journey is Henry, my lovable labradoodle, the epitome of happiness and my daily reminder to cherish life's simple, playful moments.
(hubby tells me he wants to come back as Henry in his next life)

My Love Distribution:

Helping Women




Cooking Dinner


Hubby 😉


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